Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things

The current game of tag on Facebook is to share 25 Random Things about yourself. Here are mine:

1 Life is beautiful; I've been blessed with amazing people and opportunities in my life.

2 A favorite quote: Life isn't measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. The moments that have taken my breath away have been running across a mountain top through wild flowers in the Big Horns and encountering a herd of magestic mule deer; being caught in a lightening storm in Grand Canyon and watching the lightening strike in front of me; crossing the finish lines of my 1st marathon, 1st 50 mile, 1st 100 mile into the arms of friends and family

3 My heart aches for the beauty of the places I've left behind when I've returned from a trip to the wildnerness

4 I need to be outdoors, in the woods or nature, at least twice a week

5 I've learned life is fleeting; we don't know when, or at what moment, it can be taken away. So I believe we have to try to live our best life at every moment rather than wait until_________.

6 I have learned not to judge and to look for the strengths in everyone. Non of us are perfect and to be loved despite our own faults we have to look beyond the faults of others. Besides it's our imperfections that makes us interesting and we limit ourselves once we begin to judge

7 I think forgiveness is freedom

8 I love to hear people laugh

9 I think happiness is a very individual experience. Sometimes you can be happy despite what cultural norms tell you that you should or shouldn't be happy about

10 The only downside to ultra running I've experienced is ADD; I can't often sit still more than an hour before I have to be off to something else

11 I would love to have a little cottage with a small hobby farm, animals and beautiful gardens; including a little goat driving me crazy by eating my flowers and a place for the kitty's to smell the outdoors, take in the sun, and watch the birds but not be able to get them

12 I haven't had the opportunity to be a mom, but someday I want to be a grandma

13 I also want to be one of those 70 something year olds you see out on the race course and hear people say (like I say now) "look at her, when I'm that age, I still want to be doing this too!"

14 I love animals and even have a soft spot for bugs. It's catch and release if I find a bug in my house. I will pull over my car to help a turtle across the road. I will rescue a distressed animal even if it means climbing a tree

15 I love running in the rain and when it comes to trail running sometimes the muddier the better; it's like playing. I also love to run in snowshoes when the snow is falling.

16 I love chocolate, dried cherries, red wine, port, coffee, a crackling fire, great conversation, music, nag champra, candles,hot bubble baths, fashion, thriftstoring, antiquing, cooking and decorating my home

17 After a long training run or race my favorite thing to do is put on soft, plush socks

18 I never want to stop learning or being inspired by life. It's amazing to me that each day is a new opportunity for something I never imagined.

19 I think it's important to be able to laugh at yourself, let life teach you, but don't let it make you too hard

20 I want to continue to travel the world, have adventures, and run in beautiful places

21 I love getting dressed up and going out; to dinner or dancing or spending time with friends

22 I am a 2007 National Snowshoe Champion. I won the bronze medal in my age group and occasionally win placement awards in other races that I do. By no means am I fast but I am strong and sometimes that's what it takes...that and a small field to compete against!

23 I've learned things will go wrong; have a back up plans, know when to move on, and do it gracefully

24 I feel that gifts should be given freely, without strings attached, rather than to draw attention to oneself

25 I hope that someday we will have a world without war, abuse of power, anger, hatred and cruelty. That we will all honor the beauty in each other, this world and in life.


MN Ultra Runner said...

A great list...

Do you ever work with anybody at Mpls Heart institute? I work with them fairly often, we might know some of the same people over there.

Karen G said...

I enjoyed reading your list. Quite a nice insight into you.

Alicia said...

Thank you both!

I have begun to do some work with Mpls Heart Institute! It's a small world!